Please read the following Faqs,any other questions which not listed here, please send email to us @evses

Q: Why shopping with us?

A: As a worldwide products/services provider, we are keeping our efforts to earn full satisfactory and trust of all customers. We enjoying the following advantages in helping you get services:

A wide range of item selections up to 3K and keeping on expanding Daily.

Prices lower to 50%  competing with other site.

Express courier delivery in 3 days after payment.

Free return & exchange,  Full refund upon the arrival of returned goods.

24 Hours online services!

Q: What kind of payment options your are using?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB card online payment, also we provide WU/Moneygram/Bank Transfer as alternative options.

Q: How long will my order be shipped and what's the time of arrival?

A: Orders will be shipped in 3 working days after receipt of your payment. To US & EU, it will arrive in 7 working days normally. To other farer areas, it will arrive in 15 days.

Q: Which shipping company do you use?

A: DHL is our priority choices. It's fast and safe. For countries/areas without DHL service, we use HongKong Air Post/EMS as alternative options.

Q: Whom should take in charge of the customs taxes for the parcel?

A: Customers should take responsible for the importing taxes charged by your local customs. Mostly this happening very rare. We will declare a low value in the shipping invoice inside the parcel. Customs regulations are various in different countries. If your local customs requires a tax no. in clearing the parcel, please send us the no. before we sending the parcel, we will declare your tax no. inside the invoice.

Q: How do I track my parcel?

A: We will update you the tracking no. in the order situation of the website after shipment effected. Meanwhile, you will be notified by email via website automatic system. As soon as you got the tracking no., you may track it on the website: Http://www.17track.net/.

Q: Why I can't get the tracking information by using the no. given from you on the tracking website?

A: While tracking no. provided, it will takes about 1-2 days before appearing tracking statue on the website. The processing procedure will takes 24-48 hours by the shipping agent.

Q: Can I change the items if I don't like it after receiption?

A: Sure you can. For exchange of products, buyers should agree with these: 

     Make sure that items not used or worned, and in same condition as the statue when you receive it. 

     Pay for the delivery charges of returning the parcel.

     Notify us before return the parcel.

Q: Any extra charges for return/exchange?

A: Absolutely no extra charges like dealing, processing etc., return or exchange is free.

Q: Can I apply credit card chargeback?

A: Please don't apply chargeback without communicating with us in advance. All chargeback without informing will be objected and will influence credits of both sides. Refund will be processed by us via our cooperative credit card company after return/refund procedures done. We will providing thoughtful after-sale services to customers, you would feel safe for the funds which spent on us.

Q: Why your prices are much lower than other websites? Are your watches in good quality?

A: We are a replica watch manufactory in China. We make replica watches ourselves while we also export them overseas. Here the resources and labour cost are comparatively low. The prices are wholesale prices which we only make a little profit.  Yes, our watches have good quality, which with high quality movement, sapphire crystal glass, 14 karat gold- wraping or plating, solid stainless steel (316L), screws in the bracelet and so on. You can order a sample to check the quality first.

Q: Do you offer any watches that are not seen on your site? 

A: Yes, we provide watches that are not seen at our website. Under this occasion, please send pictures and requirement to us. After prepared, we’ll confirm with you before shipping.

Q: Are the pictures on the website your real products? But some of them are not marked of the size.  

A: We can assure that the pictures on our website are took of the real products. Regarding the size, we can't promise to mark them one by one. However,we can assure that the sizes are the same as the original ones.

Q: May I order 1 or 2 sample watches before place larger order?

A: Yes, you are welcome to order a watch to check about the quality and delivery time.


Q: Is the glass real sapphire crystal? 

A: Yes, all our watches have real sapphire crystal. A good replica do have this.


Q: Is the watch full solid stainless steel? 

A: Yes, all our watches are full solid stainless steel. If a replica is light weight that's a dead give away that it is not solid steel. Our watches have the weight of sturdy, quality steel.


Q: Do your Rolex watches have green sticker on the back side?

A: Yes, they have. All of our Rolex watches have green sticker on the back side except Daytona. They are the same as original.


Q: Are your Rolex watches water-resistant? How water-resistant they are? Can you swim or just wash hands?

A: Yes, they are water-resistant. All the Rolex watches can be wore to swim except Daytona. We can wear Daytona to wash hands, but can't swim.  Since Daytona is designed for sports-car driver, the water-resistant function is not as good as others.


Q:Do you add papers for Rolex or we have to do it? The same with brown seal. 

A: We do have papers of certificate attached for Rolex, they are the same with brown seal as original. 


Q: Does the watches have screws or pins in the links?

A: Most of replica watches in the market have links of cheap pins, which need to hammer out to adjust the links. Don't be fooled either by pins that are folded, or resemble screws. Solid built, high quality replicas should have thread srews in the links, not pins, which should be exactly the same as genuine Rolexes. They can be nicely removed with a small screw-driver to adjust for band length. 



A: Yes. You can find the serial numbers/band model numbers on the last piece of links of any Rolex replicas, which is exactly the same position as gunuine Rolex.


Q: Why does my automatic replica watches stop ticking and lose time?

A: When you first receive your automatic replicas, you need to wind it for 3 minutes straight before wearing it. If you wear it everyday, it will continue to wind itself on your wrist with your movement. If you stop to wear it more than 2 days, the watch will need to be reset, and then will start to move automatically wind itself once you start wearing it again. You don't need to replace a battery, the watches keep precise time when it is running, and most of all, this type of movement is exactly as original ones.


Q: How to set time?

A: To set time, you need to turn button in anti-clockwise direction if you have a screw-in lock watch. Gentally pull the button out a little bit. The best way is to use thumb and index finger and use the finger knuckle as a lever in order to pull the button out with as little force as possible. You can feel a little "click". Now you can set time by turning it anti-clockwise. This would turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time. When time is set, push the button back and turn the button clockwise for a few rounds.

Q: Could you help to adjust the length of the watches?

A: When you don't know how to adjust the belts of some watches, you can write down the size of your wrist on the remarks in your order. Then we 'll adjust the right length for you. If you prefer the belts to be a little looser, you may explain it beside. I'd like to remind you that this service is free. The parts that have been taken off will be sent to you for your future usage. 

   There are two ways provided below for your reference to measure your wrist:

1. Using the cloth measurer.
2. Using paper strip and mark on it, then measure it by ruler.